Other Sectors

In addition to the deep experience Systeme Ouvert has accumulated in Construction and Media, we have carried out projects in Financial Services, Telecom Equipment, Consumer Products and Leisure & Tourism sectors.

Our work in Financial Services has typically involved delivering increased functionality to client websites that enabled customers to take more control of the process, and ultimately reduce costs for our client.

Within the Telecom Equipment sector we delivered a project for Nokia (more) that involved developing a bespoke application to test a proprietary wireless communication protocol.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) engaged Systeme Ouvert on a number of initiatives mainly focused on analysing sales and operations data.  For example, for the Tesco team we developed some business intelligence applications to identify stock-outs and the impact of sales promotions.  For the Boots team we delivered an application to support the management and deployment of P&G personnel on the shop floor.

Systeme Ouvert has had considerable experience within the Leisure & Tourism sector delivering projects for Ralph Trustees, Norwegian Coastal Voyage & Compass (more).