Analysis, Feasibility and Specification - Case Study

The Business Problem

Nokia's Testing Department, within their UK-based Research & Development, wanted a module to interface to a mobile phone using a proprietary communications protocol. The software also had to integrate to an existing suite of in-house developed applications. The problem was that they had insufficient internal resource to carry out the development within the required timescales.


Our Solution

Systeme Ouvert was able to offer Nokia a tried and tested unique approach called Analysis, Feasibility, and Specification (AFS). AFS is a collaborative process that produces successively more defined specifications and therefore more accurate costs by iteratively:

  • capturing business requirements
  • assessing feasibility
  • defining specification
  • establishing costs
  • reviewing with the client
  • refining project scope.


The Value

Nokia was insistent that the software to be developed was well specified. AFS achieved this, which in turn led to Systeme Ouvert being able to offer Nokia a fixed price for the development and delivery of the solution.