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Tender/Proposal Management

For a leading Foundation Contractor Systeme Ouvert developed a tender management system that records prospective projects, their associated estimates and risk assessments.  Management recognised that there was no functionality in the old system to enable categorisation and archiving of enquiries, in order that greater insight could be derived from the data.  Our client is now better positioned to analyse its performance in dealing with prospective projects, and translate this understanding into a higher bid success rate.


Project Estimation

For the same Foundation Contractor Systeme Ouvert developed a framework within which to capture the organisationís extensive estimating knowledge.  The estimation process was traditionally executed individually and independently, resulting in no common process and the data being captured disparately.  Management decided that in order to progress this process and learn from the collective experience contained within the estimating professionals, a system needed to be developed.  Our solution drives consistency through the estimating process; delivers an accurate history of estimates, allowing the organisation to learn and so continuously improve its estimating techniques; and provides a powerful marketing tool when bidding for new contracts.


Financial & Project Management

Systeme Ouvert won a contract to ensure the continued performance of a mission critical system during the migration of our clientís finance system to a new packaged solution.  The supported system enables project managers to review monthly project status from a financial perspective, by comparing actuals fed from the finance system with budgeted figures.  Owing to the success of this contract Systeme Ouvert was awarded a twelve month extension.


Time Management

This leading Engineering Consultant needed a way of accurately recording the time spent by its engineers/consultants on projects.  Our client elected to buy an existing solution and Systeme Ouvert customised it to meet specific requirements.  This tailored solution provides our client with the platform to integrate with its financial systems and enable staff to record their time remotely over the Internet.  Both initiatives will assist with more timely and accurate reporting, enabling our client to better manage its business.



Order Processing/Management

In partnership with this Managing Agent for the UK Highways Agency, Systeme Ouvert developed a new database to track and manage work schemes.  The previous system was not only unstable but incompatible with the systems of other parties involved in delivering the contract.  Systeme Ouvert worked in close collaboration with the client to design both the database schema and new user interface.  The new solutionís reporting has enabled the client to better manage the workflow both internally and externally throughout the supply chain.


For a leading Highways Maintenance Contract Operator Systeme Ouvert developed and prepared a Term Maintenance Contract Works Order Management system for enterprise-wide rollout.  This involved migrating the old client-server system to a n-tier architecture, which was implemented using more flexible and resource friendly technologies.  Our solution has provided the client with a more future-proof platform on which to further develop the system.  Since its implementation and subsequent integration, we have continued to provide systems support.


For the same Highways Maintenance Contract Operator Systeme Ouvert developed a system by which our client could demonstrate to the Highways Agency, Local Councils or other customers, the progress being made in relation to the maintenance contract held.  For example if a roadside fence needed repair, our client needed a way by which it could show the customer (i) that the repair had been effected and (ii) the specific details of the job Ė location, time spent, resource used etc.  Our solution delivered tailored software to integrate the use of sophisticated hardware ranging from PDA devices to GPS equipment.  The system provides our client with daily progress reporting, a detailed audit trail of maintenance carried out, detailed intelligence of each type of maintenance job, enabling better scheduling and planning, and a powerful marketing tool for future maintenance contract bids.


Disputes Management

The complex nature of construction projects is such that there are often disputes that need resolution.  These disputes can be lengthy and involve many parties, and consequently are expensive.  For this leading Engineering Consultant Systeme Ouvert helped develop a system to combat this issue by recording all pertinent information during the project so that the management of disputes could be simplified and speeded up.  The client had developed a prototype from which we developed an enterprise version.  The system facilitates the formalisation of data capture on construction sites, delivers extensive search and reporting functionality, reduces costs over the life of the project, and is a powerful marketing tool to help our client win future work in the areas of project management and dispute resolution.


Document Management 

For this leading Civil Engineering practice Systeme Ouvert currently support its document management system.  The system records version histories of design, construction and build documentation in order to provide an accurate audit trail.  Through this relationship the client receives quality support for this critical application without the need to hire permanent staff.  In this way our client is able to control costs and deliver the IT that the business needs.


For a PDF download of our Construction Credentials, click here.

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