Market Sectors


Systeme Ouvert has delivered a wide range of IT services to the Construction Industry.  These services include: consultancy, software development, systems implementation, systems integration, training and support.  Currently we are focused on two key themes: (i) delivering niche bespoke developments where packaged solutions are unable to fulfill our clients’ needs; (ii) delivering a migration service for our clients’ bespoke applications that includes support, decommissioning and the selection and implementation of a replacement packaged solution.  We have applied this service range across a number of different business processes.  See our Construction Credentials.

For a PDF download of our Construction Credentials, click here.



There is a common theme that runs through Systeme Ouvert's Media Sector Credentials.  At the heart of our solutions is a platform that enables our clients to structure all of their customer survey data.  Built on top of this is a suite of tools that allows our clients to manipulate, simulate and finally present the data in a way that delivers true insight, upon which business managers can make critical decisions.  See our Media Credentials.

For a PDF download of our Media Credentials, click here.


Other Sectors

Systeme Ouvert has also worked in a number of other sectors.