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Customer Satisfaction

This world leader in qualitative custom market research required a system to support its proprietary Customer Satisfaction research technique.  The current process was very labour intensive involving complex analysis in Excel that was then exported to PowerPoint for presentation.

Our solution used a Visual Basic front end communicating with a Microsoft desk-top database, thus enabling stand-alone delivery.  Respondent data is imported and analysed to calculate Customer Satisfaction scores.  The system is then able to model the effect on such scores when changing respondent answers, enabling our client to run simulations for its customers.

This has enabled our client’s customers to resolve complex service issues such as: ‘How would overall customer satisfaction change, if staff spent more time with customers, but queues grew longer as a result?’  Our client’s customers are then able to tailor their propositions to specific market segments, drastically improving performance.  For example at one US restaurant chain sales increased by 22% and profits by 33% having implemented service changes based on the insight gained from this research technique.


Brand Equity

Following the success of our Customer Satisfaction tool, the same client required a system to support its proprietary Brand Equity research technique, which involved a similar labour intensive process.

Our solution was built on a three-tier model incorporating presentation, business logic and database layers.  Respondent data is imported and analysed to calculate brand equity scores.  The system then models the effect on brand equity when changing certain attributes, enabling our client to run simulations for its customers.  In addition, using the cost data associated with these attribute changes, customers can use the simulator to make the most cost effective changes to their branding strategies.


Media Strategy & Planning

Systeme Ouvert worked with this leading media buyer to develop an application that would analyse, structure and present the data from a media consumption diary-style survey.  Data on consumers’ activities, behaviour and media involvement are collected every 6 months and fed into the database.  Our client is then able to advise its customers on the effectiveness of various media strategies for their product/service, based upon this historic panel data.  For example if a company were launching a new product aimed at 18-25 year old males, the system would indicate the most appropriate media combinations to reach this market segment.


Focus Group Insights

This global media agency needed a way of capturing the valuable insights gleaned from focus groups that it conducts all over the world on brands.  The original process was paper and email based which meant that it was almost impossible to share customer insights beyond immediate colleagues.

Systeme Ouvert developed and hosts an application accessed via a web browser, enabling the client to capture this critical data in a structured format.  The application allows for free text search of the database, provides the client with a distributed solution, alerts when new material on a particular client is added to the database and delivers a technical platform on which our client can build a new portfolio of services.


For a PDF download of our Media Credentials, click here.

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