Migration Services

During the mid to late Nineties powerful, inexpensive development tools led to the proliferation of bespoke applications, covering a multitude of business processes.  These systems delivered the business immediate productivity gains and competitive edge.  However, the exact same set of inexpensive tools has now created a more mature IT sector flooded with packaged solutions.  In contrast to their bespoke cousins, these solutions provide rich functionality, man-years worth of live usage, user groups and an understood upgrade path at less than the cost of in-house development.

In a time of increased pressure on costs, Systeme Ouvert believes that the timing is right for companies to migrate their legacy bespoke applications to a less risky, tried & tested product suite.  As many of these applications have evolved to become mission critical, this can be a daunting challenge.

Based on previous experience Systeme Ouvert has developed a process to assist clients in navigating successfully their way through this migration.  There are three steps to this process, each a service in its own right.


Legacy Outsourcing

The process starts with outsourcing the daily support of the legacy, bespoke developments to Systeme Ouvert.  These applications will be frozen, and their on-going support handled by our skilled team.  This is the most cost-effective way of maintaining mission-critical functionality, whilst freeing up valuable internal IT resource to plot the migration course.


Strategic Consulting

Working either independently or in conjunction with your IT department, Systeme Ouvert can apply its analytical and consultancy expertise to your business processes to identify the key systems requirements.  Prospective products can be assessed against these specifications and recommendations made as to their suitability.  Systeme Ouvert maintains its independence from all software vendors, enabling us to offer impartial advice to our clients.  The outcome from this step is both a preferred product and a fully articulated migration plan.


Product Implementation

Once the product has been selected, the process moves to the implementation step.  Systeme Ouvert has considerable system installation, customisation and integration skills.  Our implementation team will ensure that the new product seamlessly takes over from your legacy, bespoke applications.