Network Si

Network Si is a system integrator and consultancy which provides a range of products and services to a wide variety of corporate customers and channel partners across the UK.

Since inception Network Si has evolved into a company which specialises in providing the infrastructure (hardware, software and services) that supports an application. This has led to the company partnering with a variety of software developers such as Systeme Ouvert in order to deliver complete business solutions.


Scientific Computers Ltd

Scientific Computers offer a range of testing tools and services that allow applications to be tested frequently from the earliest stages of development, ensuring the delivery of high quality applications.


STMC Consulting

STMC Consulting offers innovative solutions to help companies address new business opportunities, grow revenue and profits, and deal with existing management challenges.


Significant Difference

Significant Difference is a consultancy whose aim is to bridge the gap between business and analysis.  By quickly translating those business issues which have analytical counterparts we work with the domain experts and apply our expertise, tools and creative-thinking to provide insight, predictions and forecasts.